Sigmund Software

So what makes Sigmund Software so different?

Just this. Sigmund has been continuously evolving for over twenty years. 

Since 1988 our software has helped many types of mental and behavioral health facilities to manage patient treatment and care.

  • Addiction Treatment Centers
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Developmental Disability Centers
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Our software is being integrated by increasingly more branches within the behavioral healthcare sphere.

What can Sigmund offer?

Psychiatric hospitals and other mental health facilities use Sigmund to manage all regular administrative and clinical tasks involved in the day-to-day operation of their facilities. A full list of features can be found on our Feature pages, but sufficient to say that Sigmund is the only significant expenditure required to ensure smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Sigmund was developed by an integrated team of focused IT professionals and behavioral health practitioners, across varied disciplines, functions and organizational types, including clinicians, referrals, admissions, billing and others. This unique hands-on approach ensures that the software mirrors real world requirements. In short, Sigmund was not developed by a company whose software forces users to conform to it, rather the opposite. Sigmund was created by senior software developers answering to the needs and desires of behavioral health professionals.

The Design Team at Sigmund consists of Practitioners & Programmers working together to drive development. Our exclusive design process satisfies the unique workflow needs of staff at all organizational levels (clinical, administration, finance, human resources, intake & referral) and yet remain flexible enough to rapidly deploy any necessary customization.

So why use Sigmund?

Sigmund clients realize the benefits of our unique approach to Client service. We have expertise at all levels of your Sigmund experience because our team are in the industry themselves. They developed the software they needed to do the real world job. Sigmund works for you. Not vice versa.

Sigmund are committed to customer service. We strive to help your organization implement our software products, and use them to solve your problems: To meet your needs. Our mission is simply the total satisfaction of your organization. The support services of Sigmund are ready, willing and able to provide your organization with world class assistance when needed. Because of the streamlined interface design, your staff learns how to use Sigmund to do their work quickly and efficiently. When questions arise or help is needed our support staff is on hand to help you just as quickly and just as efficiently.

Many offer this. Sigmund actually delivers. As practitioners we have a better understanding of the urgency behind your enquiries than dedicated software vendors. We treat your enquiries with the urgency they require because we know the consequences a delayed response can cause your patients, you and your organization. We hold ourselves to the standard we would wish to receive.

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