create custom intelligent workflows in Aura
create custom intelligent workflows in Aura
Aura EHR provides custom user interfaces so users see the data that they want to see at a glance.
Medicine Management in Aura EHR features CPOE and Rx as well as med histories
Patient Notes and Assessment templates in Aura EHR reduce time spent inputting data
Aura EHR maintains complete patient Treatment Plans to improve patient outcomes, integrating with target behavior tracking - TBT

Aura from Sigmund Software is EHR designed for behavioral health and addiction treatmentSigmund Aura is the next generation of electronic medical records system.

Designed to work the way that providers in behavioral health and addiction treatment work. 

Aura is built to be fast, intuitive and flexible, so that every user feels like it was built with them in mind. Because it was.


Aura EHR custom work flows automate repetitive tasks

Aura EHR CPOE and Rx Medication Management
Aura EHR patient assessments and progress notes
Aura EHR Treatment Plans and scheduling
Aura EHR custome user interface - Dashboards


Workflows from Aura EHR by Sigmund SoftwareWorkflow Engine

Aura allows users to create custom intelligent workflows, based on real-time patient information, as well as programs, funding, and local documentation requirements. AURA is the most intuitive and flexible workflow engine available for behavioral health and addiction treatment providers.

Standardize program documentation, set event based triggers to prompt tasks, generate events from patient-centric information and a lot more.

Medications from Aura EHR by Sigmund SoftwareMedications

Our new medication module is made to be faster and more complete. Complete with templates, common orders, tapers, titrations, and a Complete Medication list.


  • Medication - Medication contraindications
  • Medication - Allergy interaction checking
  • Medication - Food interaction checking
  • Medication - Disease checking.

We make prescribing automatic, safer, and easier than ever!

Assessments and Progress Notes from Aura EHR by Sigmund SoftwareAssessments

You can now add complex logic to your assessments. Remove irrelevant questions based on previous answers or patient characteristics such as gender and diagnoses. Flexible Content Management Controls in AURA help develop organizationally defined instrumentation that has intelligence: It works the way you work. 

Branching logic controls let users move effortlessly through assessment administration, and focus on patient information. 

Patient Treatment Plans in Aura EHR by Sigmund SoftwareTreatment planning

AURA takes Treatment Planning to new heights. Leverage the power of AURA to recommend problems, goals and objectives by integrating data from Assessments, Diagnosis codes and other sources to deliver the most complete and accurate care plan for your patient. 

The user friendly interface allows easy documentation with or without the patient present.

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Custom user interfaces via Dashboards in Aura EHR from Sigmund SoftwareProvider Dashboards

Enjoy greater control over the vital signs of your organization with Dashboards from AURA. Everything is just a click away: Medications, Schedule, Communications, Orders, Documentation, Lab results and more. All customized to the way you work.

Aura's Provider Dashboards offer clear views of mission critical information to improve outcomes, revenue cycle management, compliance and a lot more.

These five features are only the beginning of what can be achieved using Aura - the only EHR designed for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment.
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