MAT: Medication Assisted Treatment

A recent trend in the addiction treatment industry has seen the increasing adoption of MAT, an alternative approach to the treatment of drug addiction. What exactly is MAT? And how can it help?

Patient Brokering: Don't do it.

The addiction treatment provider community in Florida has been shaken following the arrest of James Kigar, CEO of Whole Life Recovery, a prominent drug and alcohol treatment facility based in Boyton, Florida. This rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper, and as investigators from the State Attorney's Sober Home Task Force dig ever deeper, the list of charges continue to grow.

At the time of writing, Kigar faces 95 counts of patient brokering. Many affiliated organizations that work with Whole Life Recovery are now being drawn into the investigation, and some are facing charges of their own. And here's the important thing: Whether they knowingly participated in illegal activity, or not.

2016: A year in the life of Sigmund Software

As each year draws to an end, thoughts naturally turn to the events which shaped it. 2016 has been challenging, in many ways. Global strife. Celebrities dropping like flies. Political upheaval. Bad news abounds.

We thought it would be refreshing to focus instead on the positive. Specifically, the positive changes within Sigmund during the preceding twelve months. The outlook at Sigmund is bright, and getting brighter every day.

Discover the value and process of CARF International Accreditation at the SoFlo Addiction Treatment conference

CARF International Accreditation: The Value and The Process

CARF International accreditation provides a visible symbol that assures the public of a provider's commitment to continually enhance the quality of services and programs, with a focus on the satisfaction of the Patient. Service providers earning CARF accreditation are recognized for their ongoing innovation and continued conformance to internationally accepted standards.Accreditation can help your organization meet the challenges it faces in achieving quality outcomes for the patients you serve.

CARF accreditation offers numerous benefits to service providers including patient engagement standards that emphasize an integrated and individualized approach to services and outcomes, management techniques that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and patient satisfaction, and improved revenue cycle management and reimbursement by providing marketing tools to show consumers, referral sources, and funding sources your commitment to quality programs and services.

Register today for the industry’s premiere Addiction Treatment Conference and meet with the Michael Johnson to learn about CARF accreditation Value and Process.


PGA Travelling Theme


On January 17, 2017, join industry experts and leading treatment providers for a very special one day event at the beautiful PGA National Resort and Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida. This event, facilitated by Sigmund Software and several other sponsors, aims to provide an information platform for healthcare professionals in which to collaborate, learn, and get the most from the latest developments in the fast moving world of Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health management software.

A full day of keynote and educational speakers will be mixed in with exhibits from industry leading vendors. With a complimentary breakfast and lunch, plenty of networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders, as well as a free touch screen tablet and several other giveaways, there will be something for everyone in this event which is aimed squarely at those intending to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive healthcare arena.

Admission is free. No charge. If you do wish to make a discretionary charitable donation, one of the event sponsors, the Partnership for Drug Free Kids, is celebrating 30 years of operation. We encourage any and all donations to help support this fine organization.

So here's the thing. January. Florida. Luxury resort. Free. So the question really is simple. How will you get here?

For more information please visit the event web site at SEIEVENTS.COM

Interoperability In The Smaller Facility

At the recent ONC Annual Meeting the ONC Principal Deputy National Coordinator, Dr. Vindell Washington, confirmed that the great majority of non-federal acute care hospitals now operate through certified electronic health record (EHR) systems, and that of this number 82 percent now routinely exchange lab and radiology reports, clinical summaries, medication lists and other data with external medical providers and partners such as ambulatory care facilities and doctors offices.

Dr. Washington notes that since 2008 this percentage has doubled, being only 42 percent 8 short years ago. Dr. Washington went on to note, however, that a recent ONC report highlighted that smaller facilities, rural hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs) have been less successful in their transition to an interoperable environment, and have been more resistant to adoption of an EHR solution that can provide the interoperability needed. Statistics show that rural hospitals in particular are achieving only half this engagement rate - in other words, the 2008 implementation rate is unchanged. 42 percent. No progress.

Security Begins At Home

June 23 2016 saw the conviction by a federal jury of Jamie Knapp, 26, a (former) respiratory therapist at ProMedica Bay Park Hospital, Oregon, Ohio.

Knapp was found guilty of wrongfully accessing patient protected health information (PHI) between May 2013 and March 2014. Knapp was fully authorized to access this information. It was the use to which the PHI was put that was illegal.

Sigmund Client Conference 2016

This item is a brief post-conference analysis of the 2016 event, held recently at the Westin Hotel, Times Square in New York, New York.

The conference had several objectives. We wanted to educate our client base on the latest developments, best practices and work flows in the Sigmund EHR. We also wanted to officially announce the launch of the AURA mobile interface for the Sigmund EHR platform. And we wanted to gather feedback from those that actually use our product every day in a real-world working environment.

Check, check and check. Without tooting our own horn too loudly, we think that we succeeded on every front. And so do our clients.

The Sigmund Software Client Conference 2016 is now over.

We are pleased to say that it was a complete success.

The entire team here at Sigmund wishes to thank every one of our guests for their attendance at this three day event, and for the invaluable feedback provided during the training presentations, round tables and breakout sessions of the conference.


Sigmund Software Conference 2016 Thanks You To GuestsThe conference, held this year at the Westin Hotel in New York's Times Square, was our opportunity to offer clients the opportunity to interact with the developers in a hands-on environment, learn new processes, ask questions, and receive answers directly from the team that actually developed the software they use each day. It was also our opportunity to gather feedback from real-world EHR users.

Sigmund Software is unleashing a hot new product in a very cool place!

Sigmund Software demonstrating Aura at NAATP
In progress now, come and check us out at Booth 216, at the NAATP 2016 conference in Ft. Lauderdale to discover the most adaptable EMR available, Sigmund Aura! Curious about Aura? Click here to find out more.

Sigmund Aura is the next generation of electronic medical records system.

Press Release - Sigmund Software announce AURA, next generation EHR.

April 22, 2016, Danbury, CT

Aura is the next generation of EHR, developed by Sigmund SoftwareSigmund Software has been in the business of providing reliable, fast, and complete EHR solutions to behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities for many years. Sigmund is trusted by thousands of practitioners across the US that rely on us every hour of every day to take care of their patients and their business. Over the years, we have learned and grown. Today, we take our experience and move EHR to a whole new level.

Today, the Sigmund development team is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of Sigmund EHR - AURA.

Down the Ransomware Rabbit Hole We Go

Ransomware attacks on hospitals, small practices and clinics are an increasing problem. There are headline cases around the world, and many smaller cases of clinics and practices being compromised. Many don’t even make the news because they don’t actually get reported, for apparent reasons.

Recent headlines surrounding the spate of ransomware attacks against hospitals have highlighted again the complexity of maintaining security in any large scale technology environment. By nature, any open and interconnected system has many points of vulnerability. A permanent connection to the Internet means attackers have the chance to probe network defenses around the clock. Wi-Fi access, a great bonus for legitimate users, allows 24/7 connection via cell phones and tablets - that attacker could just as easily be sitting in your parking lot, or even in your waiting room drinking your coffee, using their own cell phone or tablet to begin that breach. It's a dangerous world, technology.

Some Home Truths About Eating Disorders

While some eating disorders have physical causes and associated treatments, it is important to realize that the majority of eating disorders are mental health issues which can best be treated by approaching them as such.

Bulimia and Anorexia are arguably the two most common disorders, or at least they are the two which are most widely known to the general public. It is common to put labels on sufferers. Common to throw out a dollar store diagnosis that 'they' have a poor body image, or that 'they’ are seeking to regain control of their lives. If it was only that simple, a couple of sessions of therapy would be enough to resolve things, and everybody would be happy. But they are not that simple. Far from it.

Patient Assessment and Progress Notes with AURA EHR from Sigmund Software


Leverage flexible Content Management Controls in AURA to develop organizationally defined instrumentation that has intelligence.

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Custom User Interfaces with Administrative Dashboards in the AURA EHR from Sigmund Software



Enjoy greater controls over the vital signs of your organization with personalized custom administrative Dashboards from AURA.

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