Cloud vs Client-Server

Sigmund offers two software models from which to choose. The state of the art software is the same. The difference is implementation.

With our Cloud option, everything is securely hosted on our servers here at Sigmund. Our Client-Server solution runs on your hardware, managed by your team on your premises.

Both have benefits, and your choice will reflect the needs of your organization. Let's look at these options in more detail.


Sigmund Software as a Service - Cloud based EHR

Sigmund Software As A Service - SaaSYour data is accessible at all times from any Internet connected device, allowing you to work and access the data you need from the office or anywhere in the building, even your home or car. You can work, in fact, anywhere you have an Internet connection. We take care of the technology, data backups and software upgrades. You have no cost for equipment: No requirement for an IT department. Simply login, work, logoff.

The Cloud Solution is secure and fully HIPAA compliant, located within our own facility. All technical aspects of the server are managed by the Sigmund team. You pay a low monthly access fee based on the number of users, which allows this to be a completely scalable solution. This system offers a low upfront capital investment. There is no IT infrastructure to purchase, configure, install or maintain. You do not need to hire and train people to run it. Even better, the majority of processor intensive tasks are performed server side, reducing the minimum computer hardware requirements of your clients/workstations: No hardware upgrades required for the workplace, either.

A clear benefit to this model is that the EHR is an operating cost, not a capital expenditure; similar to leasing vehicles. The Cloud solution can be fully customized to meet your needs and deploys rapidly.


Sigmund Client Server

Sigmund Software Client-Server EHR / EMR systemSigmund's Client-Server version may be the solution for your organization if you already have an IT Infrastructure in place along with sufficient support resources in place to administer it.

The Client-Server Solution is hosted on your premises and equipment, and accessed securely via your own Intranet and/or the Internet depending on your network setup. The server should be secure and HIPAA compliant. All responsibilty for security rests with you.All technical aspects of the server are managed by your team. After the initial purchase of a client-server license you only pay a low annual support fee based on your support requirements and the number of users.

The Client-Server system does require an initial capital expenditure, however this is offset by lower ownership cost (TCO). Sigmund realizes that many organizations wish to keep everything internal. This solution provides that, offering in-house data management and complete control for those that demand the security and flexibility of using their own equipment and IT teams. The Client-Server Solution can also be fully customized to meet your needs. Deployment of the client-server solution often requires a longer implementation period than the Cloud-based solution, as the system must be integrated into your own infrastructure and customized for security and speed.

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