2014 Edition ONC Certification

Sigmund Software ONC certification seal of confirmation

Sigmund Software ONC certification seal of confirmationSigmund Software is 2014 Edition ONC
for ambulatory care EHR

Software Version 3.8.620

Sigmund Software is ICSA Certified 2014 Complete for EHR AmbulatoryCertificate date: December 29, 2014. Certificate number: 140371R00

This EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


170.314(a)(1),  170.314(a)(2),  170.314(a)(3),  170.314(a)(4),  170.314(a)(5),  170.314(a)(6),  170.314(a)(7),  170.314(a)(8),  170.314(a)(9),  170.314(a)(10),  170.314(a)(11),  170.314(a)(12),  170.314(a)(13),  170.314(a)(14),  170.314(a)(15),  170.314(b)(1),  170.314(b)(2),  170.314(b)(3),  170.314(b)(4),  170.314(b)(5),  170.314(b)(7),  170.314(c)(1),  170.314(c)(2),  170.314(c)(3),  170.314(d)(1),  170.314(d)(2),  170.314(d)(3),  170.314(d)(4),  170.314(d)(5),  170.314(d)(6),  170.314(d)(7),  170.314(d)(8),  170.314(e)(1),  170.314(e)(2),  170.314(e)(3),  170.314(f)(1),  170.314(f)(2),  170.314(f)(3),  170.314(g)(2),  170.314(g)(3),  170.314(g)(4)


CMS#68v3,  CMS#69v2,  CMS#122v2,  CMS#126v2,  CMS#128v2,  CMS#138v2,  CMS#139v2,  CMS#147v2,  CMS#149v2,  CMS#155v2,  CMS#156v2,  CMS#165v2

The following modules, required to attain meaningful use are not included in the base price of the EHR.  

Patient Portal – allows patients to secure message their provider and view their health information online, download a summary of their health information and then transmit to the requested provider and is required to comply with 170.314(e)(3) Secure Messaging and 170.314(e)(1) View, Download, and Transmit to a Third Party certification criteria.  Additional fees required:  Monthly subscription fee based on total number of providers.  Limitations:  None

E-Prescribing – requires DrFirst Rcopia licensing which allows providers to record allergies, electronically prescribe medications, perform drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks and drug formulary checks and is required to comply with 170.314(a)(2) Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks, 170.314(a)(10) Drug Formulary Checks and 170.314(b)(3) Electronic Prescribing certification criteria.  Additional Fees: One time identity proofing fee per provider in addition to monthly subscription fee per provider.    Limitations:  None

Document Imaging – required to comply with 170.314(a)(12) Image Results certification criteria.  Additional Fees: Monthly subscription fee per site. Limitation:  Hosted customers are limited to 5 gigabytes of data, if exceeded additional monthly fee per gigabyte is incurred.

E-Labs – requires either Liaison/EMR Link or Change Healthcare/Clinician to comply with 170.314(b)(5)(A) Incorpate Laboratory Tests and Values/Results certification criteria.  Additional Fees:  Monthly per provider subscription    Limitations:  None

Secure E-Mail – requires NewCrop Core secure email license to comply with 170.314(b)(1) Transitions of Care: Received, Display & Incorporate Summaries (C-CDA) and 170.314(b0(2) Transitions of Care – Create and Transmit Summary of Care Records (C-CDA) certification criteria.  Additional Fees/Limitations: 4 license fees included with Patient Portal, additional licenses will incur one time cost in addition to monthly subscription fee. 


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