Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Advanced billing features available with Sigmund Software EHR solutions allow tight control over the revenue cycle of practices and facilities of all sizes.
Revenue management takes significant resources away from other tasks and delinquent accounts and write-offs kill many businesses stone dead each year.

Enter Sigmund Revenue Cycle Management Services.

The Sigmund Software team includes a dedicated billing department, staffed with specialists highly trained in all aspects of medical billing. From ICD coding to debt recovery and beyond, this team is committed to working tightly within your organizational framework to ensure smooth operation and maximization of your revenue stream.

Let your own team concentrate on other tasks, in the sure knowledge that Sigmund has your financials in good order. Sigmund RCM is a true managed solution with real people working for you. Sigmund Revenue Cycle Management is a natural addition to the EHR services we offer, and is integrated beautifully with it to provide additional levels of control and reporting. However, the RCM service is available as a separate solution which will work with your existing workflow.

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