Clinical Outcomes: Target Behavior Tracking

TBT, Target Behavior Tracking from Sigmund Software

In today’s rapidly changing and competitive healthcare landscape, there has never been a greater need to leverage meaningful data to make informed clinical decisions. The ability to effectively measure clinical outcomes is critically important to any successful treatment program. 

Patient assessment with more accuracy in less time has never been simpler. Target Behavior Tracking (TBT) exclusively from Sigmund Software allows you to standardize patient assessment by quantifying patient symptoms and distress into meaningful and immediately useful data.

"TBT is the only specialized Outcomes tool for Behavioral Healthcare. Amazing!"

Driven by data, this valuable clinical outcomes tool helps you identify what might be hidden trends or patterns in patient behaviors. TBT supports more assured diagnostic predictions which can be checked in progress updates against live data, ultimately reducing treatment times, patient distress and costs.

In todays behavioral healthcare environment, a streamlined, focused treatment supports an enhanced quality of care. This in turn supports effective treatment by opening doors to better communication among providers, managers, consumers and payers.

TBT, as a clinician’s tool, can be invaluable, providing the precision tracking and analytics from treatment and intervention efforts, showing over time the impact of their programs. This occurs without the need of dedicated observers. The TBT method is sensitive to even small treatment effects which surpasses traditional tests and related psychometric tools. The recorded information is analyzed and then graphically portrayed to help you identify relationships between interventions and target behaviors. 

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Download the TBT White Paper from Sigmund SoftwareFind out how you can reach new heights in treatment and patient care with this state-of-the-art technology, by downloading our complimentary white paper about our Clinical Outcomes tool, Target Behavior Tracking. With TBT you can treat more patients, more effectively, and improve outcomes for both patients and providers.

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